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v 2.1 - Upgrade with support for W7 interfaces (2010-02-21)

  • 541 Defined
  • 304 Tested

See Interfaces.txt for the current list of tested interfaces.

Fixed 1 bug related to 64bit in DsRotEntry.

W7 introduced a number of new interfaces. Most of these had to do with digital TV, but there were a few that are generally useful:


v 2.0 - Upgrade with breaking changes (2007-07-15)

In this release, we added the new interfaces introduced into DirectShow in Vista. Obviously these interfaces will only work on Vista.

  • 432 Defined
  • 283 Tested

See interfaces.txt for the current list of tested interfaces.

Not all of the Vista interfaces can be tested, but we have tested the ones for which we have hardware. The others are included as untested.

We have added the System.Security.SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurity attribute to the interfaces as well. This tends to improve performance in interfaces that are called frequently (ie many times a second). No code change should be required.

We have also corrected problems related 64 bit support. Primarily fixing "pack" problems on structures, but a few interfaces have been changed to support 64 bit. Primarily changing parameters from int to IntPtr. This will require code changes where you are using them, but the changes are relatively obvious, and are easily located with a re-compile.

  • IMediaEventSink
  • IMediaEvent
  • IDVDInfo2
  • IVideoWindow
  • IMediaEvent
  • IMediaEventEx

We have also changed all the IEnumXXX interfaces so that param 3 is an IntPtr rather than an "out int." This is consistent with Microsoft's implementations, and absolutely essential for cases where someone needs to *implement* the method, rather than just call it. The places we have made changes are easily located with a re-compile. If you are using any of these methods, here's what you'll need to change:

- If you are *not* using the value returned by the 3rd parameter, simply replace it with IntPtr.Zero.
- If you *are* using the value returned by the 3rd parameter, you'll need something like this:

    IntPtr p = Marshal.AllocCoTaskMem(4);
      hr = em.Next(monikers.Length, monikers, p);

      x = Marshal.ReadInt32(p);

We have also removed a few duplicate definitions. If you were using one of these and we deleted the one you were using, you'll need to use the other one. The compiler will complain about the missing definition in your next re-compile.

  • AtscFilterOptions & ATSCFilterOptions
  • DsmccFilterOptions & DSMCCFilterOptions
  • MpegPacketList & MPEGPacketList
  • MpegRequestType & MPEGRequestType
  • Mpeg2Filter & MPEG2Filter
  • MpegWinsock & MPEGWinsock
  • MpegBcsDemux & BCSDeMux
  • MpegContext & MPEGContext
  • MpegStreamBuffer & MPEGStreamBuffer

We have also dropped support for VS2003. Since VS2005 has been out for 2 years now (and is available for free!), it doesn't seem worth the effort to put time into keeping the vs2003 stuff active. We haven't (to our knowledge) done anything to the library that will prevent it from working with 2003, but since none of the dev team still has it installed, we haven't tried it. If you are still using vs2003, you can check the cvs tree at sourceforge for the old .csproj and .sln files.

And that's about it. Now that MS has stopped development on DirectShow, we may call this library done. Barring bug fixes, of course.

DirectShowNet Library v 1.5 - Minor upgrade (2006-08-02)

In addition to testing an additional 20 interfaces, we have also updated the existing definitions to enable c# code to *implement* these interfaces (instead of just calling them). This also fixes a fairly messy problem that could occur if you attempted to run regasm against the DirectShowLib.dll.

361 Defined
250 Tested
33 Deprecated & undocumented by MS
20 Are untestable due to hw constraints (no filters implement)
10 Are untestable due to DS bugs
48 Are untestable due to various other reasons

See Interfaces.txt for the current list of tested interfaces.

DirectShowNet Library v 1.4 - Minor upgrade (2006-04-12)

We decided to rebuild the library and samples under vs2005. We have added a solution and csproj file to the library and each of the samples so that you can compile them under either vs2003 or vs2005.

1 bug fixed: MPEG1WaveFormat was declared as a struct, and should have been a class. After nearly 12,000 downloads, this is only the 5th bug found in the library. Not bad.

Further, we have split the samples off in to a separate download. Now that the library is "finished", it doesn't make sense to tie the release of samples to the release of the library.

DirectShow Samples April 2006 (2006-04-12)

One new sample has been added: The GSSF sample is a way to implement a source filter in c#. If you have samples (for example video frames from bitmap files) that you want to use as a source in a graph, this filter will show you how.

Version 1.3 Release (03/18/2006)

63 more interfaces tested, including all remaining (testable) interfaces in DirectShow 9.0c. We have also added 3 new samples:

Samples\BDA\DTViewer - use BDA to display Digital TV into a Windows Form.
Samples\VMR9\VMR9Allocator2 - an alternative to the DirectShow VMR9Allocator program.
Samples\Misc\Toolkit - A collection of useful utilities.

Since all the existing DS interfaces are tested, no more releases of this library are planned until Microsoft releases a new version (or until bugs are found in the existing library).

Version 1.2 Release (11/06/2005)

Version 1.2 has tested interfaces for DES, DMO, and BDA.

The DES interfaces allow for the editing of multimedia files: resizing, changing framerate, taking chunks of file A and combining them with file B, etc.

DMO allows developers to write their own filters (with some limitations).

BDA (standing for Broadcast Driver Architecture) is the cornerstone of Microsoft TV Technologies which is useful for developers who want to write Digital TV applications (from cable, satellite dish or roof antenna). It can easily be linked to SBE technology for time-shifting and recording features.

Four new samples have been added. Two samples showing how to write DMOs, 1 sample showing editing with DES, and 1 sample for editing dvr-ms files (SBE).

Version 1.1 Released! (8/29/2005)

Version 1.1 has tested interfaces for the Video Mixing Render (VMR), the Stream Buffer Engine (SBE), and a handful of other interfaces.  We have also added definitions (currently as untested) for  DirectShow Editing Services (DES) & streaming.  New samples for using tv tuners, video compression, VMR, and DVDs are included.

Work has begun on version 1.2.  If you are interested in helping out, please drop one of the project admins an email.

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